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Traditional publishing vs. self-publishing–revisited (PART 1)

From Rick: Three years ago, Scott did an excellent post on this topic. At the time, the “self-publishing revolution” was barely five years old, and in the minds of many would-be authors, the traditional publishing route was still the only

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Should you go it alone?

How much “self” to put in “self-publishing”? From Scott: The advent of online self-publishing, especially now that there is a rush to publish on Amazon, has resolved many issues authors face, only to create new ones. Under the traditional system,

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The Price is Right?–ebook costs and pricing

From Rick: This week, we have author Graeme Reynolds doing a post about what it costs to bring your finished novel out as an ebook, along with some thoughts on pricing it. Last November, Graeme self-published his first novel High

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