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Fear-based decision making and writers

From Rick: I’ve been incredibly remiss lately in posting to the blog. It’s been five weeks since the last post. I’ve been focusing on what a writer should focus on: his own writing, and I have several projects ongoing. It’s

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Ego and ignorance: The writer’s two worst enemies

From Rick: Lately, I’ve been doing occasional posts on what may sound like the seven deadly sins for writers. I did one called “Greed” (July 31, 2018) in which I talked about what can happen when writers get greedy, are

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News and updates on important topics for writers

(1) Bookstores, and Barnes & Noble in particular. In case you haven’t heard the news about B&N being up for sale, here’s Kris Rusch’s take on it and on bookstores in general and how they have applied to authors. Once

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