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Don’t forget your eyeball warmer: Believability in fiction

guest post by Kellee Kranendonk I was watching an episode of an old show from the ’70s the other day. As a writer, I find it difficult to watch a show without noting its flaws or to read a book

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Story genres

by Kellee Kranendonk From Rick: This post is an excellent follow-up to Kellee’s post last week on crafting a marketable story. Here, Kellee gives you some ideas on how to categorize the story you’ve just written. This can be important

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Five elements of romance fiction (Story series-Part 4)

Guest post by Sherri Ellerman ========== From Rick: Sherri Ellerman has been a very active member of Silver Pen since she joined several months ago. Aside from her activities and work at Silver Pen, she recently became the flash fiction

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