Rick Taubold is the author of three published novels and several short stories and poems, and the author of Punctuation For Fiction Writers (2nd edition). Rick and his wife Rose live in Rochester, NY, and publish the quarterly magazine of fiction Fabula Argentea (www.fabulaargentea.com).

Rick can be found at: www.ricktaubold.com

Scott Gamboe is the author of eight published novels and co-author of “Punctuation For Fiction Writers.”

Scott can be found at www.scottgamboe.net

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  • I would also like to receive your blog in my email. Also, can you tell me how to sign up to be a paying member? I can’t find that info anywhere. Thanks
    Nancy Beth

  • Karen– I have subscribed you to the blog so you should get an email notification with every new post. Thanks for your interest.

  • Can I get this blog by a newletter

  • Thanks, John. The blog does have the capability for organizing it better. I’ll look into doing that. I enabled the SEARCH option. It was turned off–one of the oversights when I set it up.

  • Nice blog. Lots of very useful information. I wonder if there is a table of contents and a way to search the files for a topic.


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