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Analyzing your story, Part-4: Keeping your story moving

From Rick: So far in this series, I’ve dealt with three aspects: (1) your story’s purpose in terms of what you want to convey to your reader (2) keeping the reader with you in terms of understanding the characters’ motives

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Basics of writingHow to write a story

Story flaws: Finding and fixing them—PART 1

From Rick: What’s wrong with your story? Why are magazine editors rejecting your short stories? Are your novels getting mixed reviews (or no reviews)? In a series of two posts I’m going to offer some suggestions for things you can

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Tips for writing realistic dialogue

From Rick: Why is dialog important? In the past I’ve done several posts on dialogue, and you can find them under DIALOGUE in the categories list. There are five narrative modes in fiction (Description, Exposition, Dialogue, Thoughts, Action), and of

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