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English is hard–PART 1: Homonyms and their homo-cousins

subtitled with the quote by Dr. Smith in the original TV series Lost in Space: “Oh, the pain, the pain.” From Rick: In the past, we’ve done several posts on the topic of confusing words, and I frequently see other

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Don’t forget your eyeball warmer: Believability in fiction

guest post by Kellee Kranendonk I was watching an episode of an old show from the ’70s the other day. As a writer, I find it difficult to watch a show without noting its flaws or to read a book

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Common mistakes

guest post by Kellee Kranendonk Over the next several weeks, I’ll be interspersing Scott’s and my posts with some posts on writing craft by Kellee Kranendonk. Kellee has given us a number of excellent posts in the past, so we’re

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How NOT to be taken seriously as a writer

by Rick Taubold and Kellee Kranendonk From Rick: For this week’s blog, I decided to build on another great article Kellee wrote for Silver Blade magazine. What I’m going to do is use Kellee’s article as a base, selectively choosing

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Story genres

by Kellee Kranendonk From Rick: This post is an excellent follow-up to Kellee’s post last week on crafting a marketable story. Here, Kellee gives you some ideas on how to categorize the story you’ve just written. This can be important

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