story details

Story Details

Creating believable names for fictional substances (like medicines & drugs)

From Rick: One of the challenges writers face can be making up fictional identifiers. We rarely have problems with inventing character names. For place names, we have to exercise some caution to avoid potentially disparaging references. If a character stops

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Analyzing your story, Part-5: questions and responses

From Rick: This time I’m going to wrap up my advice on analyzing your story. I certainly haven’t covered everything, but I have tried to cover most of the essentials for ensuring your story has the right impact on your

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Action scenes

Action scenes: Keeping it real—PART 1

From Scott: Action scenes are very common in novels. Obviously, this can include fight scenes ranging from hand-to-hand fighting to group combat. In books with a contemporary setting, car chases are common. A skillfully written scene where the author has

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