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Podcast: The pros and cons of collaboration (in writing)

From Rick:

I’m going to get off somewhat easy this week here at the blog.

While I was in Las Vegas last week for book signings for The Mosaic, I was also invited to participate in James Kelly’s “Aspects of Writing” podcast along with my co-author Chris Keaton and my brother Lance Taubold, who is one of the owners of 13Thirty Books, our publisher.

The title of the show was “The Pros and Cons of Collaboration.”

The website for “Aspects of Writing” is You can access the show from there or from the You Tube link below.


Here’s picture of us in the studio> From the left are James Kelly, Lance Taubold, Chris Keaton, me, Janet Coursey (the show’s co-host).

It went very well (an hour long), but we didn’t cover nearly everything on the agenda. So, Jim wanted to do a second show, Part 2.

Since Chris and I would be back home at that point, the second show was done as a call in. We just recorded that yesterday. My brother was live in the studio.

The audio version of Part 2 will air this coming Friday (September 8), and the video should be available a day or two later.

I hope all of you will watch this because a lot of good information was shared. Next week I will post the link to Part 2, but I will also post a regular blog. Topic? I’m not sure yet. I have several in mind, though.

Enjoy the podcast, and I will see you all next time.