Promote yourself on our blog: an offer for our blog readers

From Rick:

Writing a weekly blog can be time consuming, especially when it’s an informational and educational one. I often spend two hours or more on some posts.

This blog has grown over the years in terms of readers, and I hope we have a good stable of readers.

In order to give back to my followers, I am going to open the blog up to guest posts for promoting your own books here.

The rules are simple, email me via the Contact Us link on the main page at the top. In the email, tell me briefly about a little about yourself and your book or books.

Unless your book is something I feel totally inappropriate to promote here, I will then ask you to write a post for the blog in which you can promote yourself and your work and give links to your website or blog, and to places where readers can purchase your work.

I’d also like it for you to tell readers how you came to write the book you’re promoting and perhaps give some advice to other authors out there. This part isn’t necessary, but the more readers know about you, the better the chances they will explore your work further.

Once I receive your post, I will check it for grammar and spelling, send it back for your approval, then give you a date when the post will appear.

I will honor as many requests as I can.

My hope is that this will help authors out there and give me a little now and then from writing a blog post.

NOTE: This opportunity is NOT open to outside advertisers selling services, software, or products. This offer is for authors to promote their work. I will, however, honor requests for authors wishing to share informative posts on writing tips and techniques.

I do occasionally receive outside requests to “write content” for the blog, but I know very well that these are outsiders wishing to use my blog for purposes and posts that have little to do with writing or that perhaps involve selling services I do not approve of (vanity publishing, and in one case writing term papers for students).

I hope to hear from some of you and to be able to help you out because I know how hard it is to get the word out.


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