Article links on two topics: IP and Characters

From Rick:

Honestly, not for lack of ideas but for lack of time, I haven’t been as diligent lately in doing a blog on a weekly basis. Believe it or not, I often spend the better part of a day doing one of my more extensive posts. This week, I’m doing an easy one for me, but the information should be useful to you.

(1) My March 25 and February 18 posts dealt with copyrights and intellectual property in general, protecting your own and not violating the rights of others. Kris Rusch’s most recent post on her blog is a great addition to this topic and includes, as always, some great advice. This one deals with making decisions on protecting your rights.

The somewhat puzzling title will make a lot more sense after you read the article. It’s an important one.


(2) Last week (May 6), I did a post on the importance of character names, with some additional thoughts on your characters in general. After I posted it, ran across two excellent articles on characters. The second article, from the Reedsy blog nearly two years ago, is not recent but was hiding in my email. I rediscovered it as I was doing some cleaning out of old email. I kept it and didn’t delete it at the time, planning on reading it sooner than two years later. Oh well, time flies.

Again, I think you will find both of these articles on characters these interesting and helpful in your writing.



Until next week…


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