From Rick:

I was planning on a long post this week, and I started it, but I decided I needed more time to do it properly. It’s about plotting, but I have an excellent one on the same subject to follow it, so I figured it would be best to run those two back to back.

Therefore, this week (already a day late), I want to bring an interesting pair of articles to your attention.

Some of you may have heard of “cockygate” in the publishing world, particularly if you subscribe to The Passive Voice’s blog.

The title of this post will become obvious after you read the two articles. I think these put the cockygate issue, plus several others plaguing publishing (not just self-publishing), into perspective. The second article from Kris Rusch provides some interesting commentary, as if the first article doesn’t provide enough commentary.

I trust you will find these enlightening and that you don’t find yourself falling into any of these marketing traps.




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