Some interim reading material

From Rick:

I had two posts I was working on for possible use this week, but I didn’t have time to finish either one. One deals with creating great story endings and the other is how to read a publishing contract, or at least make some sense of it and the red flags in contracts. For sure I’ll have one of these posts ready for next week, and the other the following week.

Meanwhile, I once against have a couple of links to Kris Rusch articles that give good advice to all you aspiring writers.

The first article addresses a new problem where some editors that writers hire are insisting on editorial credit in the publication, in some cases after the author’s name on Amazon. She’s not saying you can’t thank your editor, but that should happen only in the acknowledgments, and your editor has no right to insist on credit. It’s like asking a homeowner to post a permanent sign on the house advertising who did your siding or roofing.

Just so we’re clear the only time the designation of editor should appear in the author credits on Amazon or anywhere else is when the “author” is actually the editor of a compilation or anthology.


The second article discusses… well, bestseller lists, and how you can understand which ones are of use and which are not, and why you should NOT obsess over them.


Until next time.


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