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Revisiting an old post

From Rick:

I’ll be continuing my blog on Cover Design next week (I didn’t get it done in time for this week), but I wanted to share something relevant to that topic.

I was revisiting an old Guest Post from 2012 and noted that Kevin McGill completed his series Nikolas and Company last March. He had originally released this as a single book then decided to revise and release it in as a four-part series. I very much enjoyed this wonderful fantasy when I first read it and I know he’s made some changes and improvements.

I highly recommend it to all our readers here. The original post in in the link below. I’m going to show my support by purchasing and reading the 3rd and 4th books to complete my set.


The reason I bring this back up (aside from supporting Kevin’s work) is to use it to show off some truly excellent cover designs that capture one’s attention and imagination. These covers provide a wonderful example of branding in the tradition of the Harry Potter covers. Kevin’s covers are well suited to attract his target audience.

While we may not all have access to (or be able to afford) the kind of original cover art Kevin used, we should never settle for something substandard in our covers. In my upcoming posts I hope to show you that it’s possible to have an excellent cover without having to spend a lot of money as long as you’re willing to devote the time and effort to getting it done right.


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