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Is there a universal story formula?

One of the topics often discussed in general writing workshops is basic story structure and the elements of a story. Let’s go over those first. A story–and we’re talking a piece of fiction or mostly fiction–in order to be considered

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The Various Levels of Editing–Part 1

From Scott: Today, I’m going to talk about editing, or more specifically, the different levels of editing. Rick and I have mentioned before how important editing is to your work. Your readers expect a clean novel when they buy it,

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We extracted the extraneous (part 2)

From Scott: In my previous post, I discussed the inclusion of unnecessary clutter in your novels and how this can be detrimental to the quality of your work. If you put emphasis on something in a particular scene, it’s generally

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Miscellaneous tips and topics

From Rick: For this week’s post we have something a bit different. Lately I’ve run across a bunch of useful tidbits that I wanted to pass along because each is too short to warrant a separate blog. (1) THREE ARTICLES

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Hard habits to break–What not to learn from the pros

From Scott: Last time, I discussed some good habits I have learned from reading the works of other authors. Great writers like Vince Flynn, Terry Brooks, and James Patterson have used many successful tools and techniques, and if you study

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