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Formatting your novel with Styles—Part 4: using your new template

From Rick: It occurred to me after doing Part 3 that I didn’t show you how to use your new template. It’s pretty easy, actually, but there are a couple of cautions to be aware of. This will be a

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The rules of good writing from Mark Twain

From Rick: None have said it better than Mark Twain in his famous essay FENIMORE COOPER’S LITERARY OFFENSES . I’ve added my thoughts and comments. “There are nineteen rules governing literary art in domain of romantic fiction—some say twenty-two. In

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Ego and ignorance: The writer’s two worst enemies

From Rick: Lately, I’ve been doing occasional posts on what may sound like the seven deadly sins for writers. I did one called “Greed” (July 31, 2018) in which I talked about what can happen when writers get greedy, are

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Story structure models–PART 1

From Rick: As promised last time, I’m going to be discussing story structure, and I will be doing it in two parts. If you didn’t read last week’s post, you probably should do so first. In this part, I’m simply

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