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Hard habits to break–What not to learn from the pros

From Scott: Last time, I discussed some good habits I have learned from reading the works of other authors. Great writers like Vince Flynn, Terry Brooks, and James Patterson have used many successful tools and techniques, and if you study

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Flashbacks–Think twice before you dwell on the past

From Rick: Among the several sins that many new writers commit, premature flashbacks is often one of them. Two other big sins are launching into backstory too soon after the opening (or in the opening), and the use of a

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Point of view

Narrative Forms #1–Thoughts on Thoughts

AN ANNOUNCEMENT: Fabula Argentea magazine, edited by Rick Taubold, is a new quarterly fiction magazine available for free online at: ==================== From Rick: In a previous blog (May 7, 2012, Novel Writing for Beginners–Part 3), I talked about the

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Story Openings–Part 4: Case Studies

From Scott: We’ve had a few blog entries (including our excellent guest blogger, Robert Vardeman) about what a strong opening needs to have to capture the reader’s attention. Character. Setting. Conflict. Hook. Put all four of them in the opening

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