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Writing great dialog–Part 4: proper dialog formatting

From Rick: In this post, I’m going to cover formatting dialog, which some new writers get wrong. For purposes of this blog, I’ll assume the American English style of formatting, that is, double quote marks, where British English may use

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Formatting guidelines–PART 3 (Miscellaneous topics)

From Rick: This post will finish the topic of formatting (for now) and attempt to cover those varied points not previously discussed. (1) Smart quote redux This past week I discovered a problem with smart quotes. Remember that I said

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Formatting guidelines–PART 2 (Word options & clean ups)

From Rick: Last time, I covered some key formatting points for your manuscripts. In this part, I’m first going to show you how to set your MS Word defaults to sensible settings to help you avoid problems. The instructions are

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Manuscript formatting guidelines–PART 1

From Rick: We talk a lot about the specifics of grammar and craft in this blog, but one aspect of writing we’ve left out so far deals with the basics of formatting your story or manuscript. Just so we’re clear,

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