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How NOT to be taken seriously as a writer

by Rick Taubold and Kellee Kranendonk From Rick: For this week’s blog, I decided to build on another great article Kellee wrote for Silver Blade magazine. What I’m going to do is use Kellee’s article as a base, selectively choosing

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Miscellaneous tips and topics

From Rick: For this week’s post we have something a bit different. Lately I’ve run across a bunch of useful tidbits that I wanted to pass along because each is too short to warrant a separate blog. (1) THREE ARTICLES

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Basics of writingConfusing words

Common homophone usage errors among writers–Part 1

From Rick: Scott and I have done a couple of previous blogs on this topic (9/10/12 and 9/17/12). I’ve updated the blog categories to include one on Confusing Words, so you can find them easily. What I’m going to do

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